Devimon is one of the first major antagonists of Digimon Digital Monster. He was a champion level Digimon. He is voiced by Tom Wyner while his seiyuu is Kaneto Shiozawa. In the series, he was responsible for sending the Black Gears to control other Digimon, making them evil. His most notable victim is Leomon, who he took in as his lackey along with Ogremon. On File Island, he attempted to destroy the Digi-Destined with those two. However, this failed, and he scattered the island, thereby scattering the children and their Digimon partners as well and have his other mind controlled minions do the dirty work for him. This failed as well, and when the Digi-Destined were reunited, he resorted to consuming all the Black Gears, turning him giant sized in a final attempt to do away with the Digi-Destined once and for all. But he was destroyed by TK's Angemon (the digivolved form of Patamon), who sacrificed his life in the process.

In Digimon 02, his data pieces were collected by the Digimon Emperor to create Kimeramon. But his remnant influenced the monster, making it betray the Emperor.     


He was brought back to life along with Soto, Aziz and Edgar by Tzekel Kan to fight Terrence Silva, only to be killed by the dragon halfa.

Physical AppearaceEdit

He resembles the devil with long arms and claws and red eyes. He has tattered bat wings, a skull marking on his right shoulder and a fiendish marking on his chest.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night


  • He is based on Satan or the Devil.