Evil clone


Enigma was a clone made by Ssielk Nav who hated him because of his power. He has the powers of Zexion and Vergil. He was once Zalder's friend in 1942, but zalder left after Abraham Erskine was killed. His heart turned cold and heartless when Zalder left him barely alive. He team up with Teknocles to get revenge on Zalder and the search for Supersoldier formula. He is voiced by Gary Sturgis


He was once a good friend of Zalder, but he become cold after Zalder left him alive in 1942.

in 1990, He returned alive and work together with Teknockles on the search for the Supersolider which the mad scientist has it. He soon kidnapped Robert just to Lure Zalder to

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has short dark red hair, bright yellow eyes. He wears a black and purple outfit.


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)