Evil Organization

Evil Organization.

Evil Organization are group of villains who plan to release Tezoth from his tomb by unlocking four keys Trejean placed on. The group is led by Madara Uchiha.


When Dorien become Tezoth the Evil One after making a pact with the dark one. He tried to destroy the Silva Family only he was defeated by his own father and brother.

While he was sealed in the Tomb of Existence, Madara Uchiha led the group for a moment as they gather key to free their master.


Madara Uchiha

Tezoth the Evil one



  • The Goblin's Quen (Dracula only)
  • Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians (Madara only) (Mentioned)
  • Terrence 3: Revival of the Fairy (debut)


  • The group was known to be the Cult of Tezoth the Evil one before it is just the Evil Organization.
  • This group has two Super villains from DC comics, two monsters from the Power Rangers series and Two from Marvel comics.
  • Spoilers*- Madara Uchiha led the Evil Organization from the first season to fourth season, from then on, Tezoth will lead them for the entire series.