Frieza is one of the major antagonists, and one of Goku's enemies in Dragonball Z series. He was the brother of Cooler. He feared the Saiyans are growing strong and he had to destroy the entire race, But only Vegeta and Goku survived the destruction. Many years later, he soon fought Vegeta, Piccolo and Goku, but he was destroyed. He is voiced by Linda Young in Dragon Ball Z and by Chris Ayres in Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has pale white skin, red eyes and purple section his head, shoulders, chest and ankles.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night


  • He was voiced by two actors, one was Linda Young in the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT while Chris Ayres played him in Dragon Ball Z Kai.
  • He made his return more than Cooler did.
    • In a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z, he, his father King Cold, Cell and the Ginyu Force attempted to get out of the Netherworld, only to be stopped by Goku and Pikkon, and were jailed in the Netherworld cell with King Cold conmplaining he could've had a bath.
    • In another DBZ filler, he was seen along with the rest of the deceased villains watching Goku battling Kid Buu from a giant crystal ball in the Netherworld.
    • He came back in Dragon Ball Z Movie: Fusion Reborn, but he was killed quickly by Gohan
    • He and Cell returned in Dragon Ball GT while fighting Goku, but both of them were frozen in the lower pit of the Netherworld.