500px-Madelyn Dinkley

Madelyn Dinkley.

Madelyn Dinkley is a younger sister of Velma Dinkley. she was student at Magic academy and help the Mystery to solve the mystery of a Griffin she is voiced by Danica McKellar.


She's friends of Terrence and student of Brockton High. She was being chased by Volf and his pack only to be saved by Terrence.

She and her friends came with the Majestic Guardians to go visit Arnold at the Grande University.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has auburn hair in pigtail, she wore a glasses, white shirt and red dress over it and red shoe.


  • Terrence: HAlloween Thriller Night (Debut)
  • Welcome to Different Dimension


  • She wasn't a member of the mystery gang.
  • She loves to solve magic mystery.