Majestic Guardians (reborn)

Majestic Guardians.

Majestic Guardians is a group of heroes led by the Dragon halfa, Terrence Silva which they do missions and protect the kingdom of Edenia and the world from evil. This group was formed during the events of Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians Unite.


the Majestic Guardians were formed when they fought Devatan the Destroyer and his minions Nort the Gatekeeper and Xarn the Keymaster from succeeding in their plan for world domination. After the battle was over, the group decided to stick together and became a group of heroes which Po suggests that they could be called Majestic Guardians.

The Guardians and Titans work together to stop the Armada Invasion, but soon gain members to gain advantages and full retreat.

during the


Current: Terrence Silva


New MembersEdit

New Members of Majestic Guardians

New Members of Majestic Guardians.

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  • Darkrai
  • Rogue
  • Casey Rhodes


  • This Next Avenger is only Marvel-based characters who are members of the Majestic Guardians.
  • The Majestic Guardians is the Second team to have the name Majestic in it, the first one was Majestic Titans.
  • The Guardians have two members who was a former member of Team Avatar.