Manfred Silva

Manfred Silva.

Manfred is a the brother of two kids, son of Trejean Silva, husband of Kim Lin Silva and father of Arnold Silva, Secelia Silva, Brandon and the newly born Terrence.he then met Kim Lin Silva, they quickly fall in love and soon started to have a family.  He is voiced by Will Smith.


He was the king of Edenia and rule the land with the help of Kim Lin Silva but when he became king, He notice Dorien is angry at him and the family. once Terrence was born, he soon fight off his brother with his father. when he defeat his brother, Dorien was going to kill him, but Trejean took the hit, instead of him. MAnfred cast a spell on Dorien to turn him into a dragon and seal him away.

He was seen again with the rest of the family to reunite Terrence and told him what happen that terrible day why they didn't back home.

during the night, he was brief meeting with the Order of Light about the upcoming invasion, thought Zeus didn't want to help or do anything but sit aside. during the invasion, he and Master Eraqus fought the Vrak and the Messenger for a moment until the Majestic Guardians came for their help and deal with their enemies.

Physical appearanceEdit

He's 50 years old with black hair, blue eyes. He wore a red shirt over a brown trenchcoat, white bracer on his wrist, blue pants. and black shoe.


  • Terrence Halloween Thriller Night (Flashback 0nly)
  • Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians Unites
  • Terrence 3: Revival of the Dark Fairy
  • Majestic Guardians: Armada Invasion


  • He was voice of Will Smith who played Agent J in Men in Black series, Oscar in Shark Tale and Will in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • He has a brother and sister of the Silva.
  • He's a member of the Order of Light.