Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto Uzumaki is the main character and protagonist of the popular ongoing anime/manga series, Naruto. He is the ninja of the Leaf Village and a vessel for the Nine Tailed Fox. In Japanese, he tends to end every sentence with the phrase "Dattebayo!".

In the fanfiction world, he is an adopted member of the Silva family. He is adopted brother of Terrence Silva. He is voiced by Maile Flannagan.


He appeared in the Silva Family when he was young.

In 2009, he was at the Alpha Tennis court watching Julie practice. they soon realized Terrence was here and alive in Edenia. After Devatan the Destroyer is defeated, he and the families had a discussion why didn't they come back to him.

In Injustice Regime, He came to help with the Majestic Guardians, but Terrence doesn't want him or his siblings to get involved by helping him out of concern for their safety. He soon was teleport with the Majestic Guardians to alternate Earth, he and the others were searching their friends which they encounter Nightwing and he attacked them.


He has spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and whiskers on his face. He wore a headprotector on his forehead, an orange/black suit and sandals.


  • Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians Unites (Debut)
  • Majestic Guardians Movie: Injustice Regime