Nique Silva

Nique Silva.

She's daughter of Manfred Silva and Kim Lin Silva. She was oldest of the family, but she has troubling life all because she can't get it together to help out. all she does is partying around and go around the world all she want and not taking responsibility in the Silva, after that, she was banished and no longer a family. many years later after the Silva Family, she had been asking Terrence out for her helping though Terrence doesn't like and don't want to keep secret from his family and adopted family. she is voiced by Seychelle Gabriel


She used to be part of the Silva, but she was banished by her own family for not taking responsibility serious and always travelling world and spend money on things.

many years laters, she has been giving Terrence a hard time in his which reveal made his brother get violent behavior from her because she always asking to borrow money and never pay him back, plus keeping a secret from his family.

in 2009, She tried to ask Terrence once more, but he decided to end this and told her he will no longer help her anymore. she also discovered Terrence told his family about her being her in Edenia. which she become angry at his brother.

6 months later, she want revenge on the Silva and Terrence mostly, she soon meet Madara and help her get revenge by giving her the book of Tezoth.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has black length to her shoulder hair blue eyes and. she wore a purple top, brown pants and dark purple shoe.


She's irresponsible, careless, greedy, inconsiderate and self-centered.


  • She was first family to be banished by her family.
  • This reveals how Terrence gets his vicious behavior come, always borrowing money, keeping a secret to the family.