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Rapunzel is a disney Princess and main protangonist of Tangled. She was born with 70ft golden hair in the kingdom, but soon kidnapped by Mother Gothel. She has a pet named Pascal and made a friend to Flynn Rider, soon to be his wife. She is voiced by Mandy Moore.


She was one of the students of Brockton High. She soon befriended Terrence Silva after he save her and others from Volf.

She and her friends came with the Majestic Guardians to go visit Arnold at the Grande University. She soon left to Art Room who happen to be the teacher at the  Grande University

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has 70 ft golden hair, green eyes. She wore a lavender dress and no shoe to wear.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night (Debut)
  • Majestic Guardians Christmas
  • Welcome to Different Dimension


  • She's one of the Disney Princess, along with Tiana.
  • She's only ones to have both voice actor and singing voice of Mandy Moore.
  • She reveals to be an Art Teacher while Tiana is cooking teaching at the Grande University in Welcome to Different Dimension