Roberta Tubbs
Roberta Tubbs5
Some attributes
First First Appearance
Second Gender: Femlae
Third Age: 15
Other attributes
Sixth Voice Actor: Regan Gomez

Roberta Tubbs is one of main characters in the Cleveland Show. She is the older sister of Rallo Tubbs and Cleveland Jr. She is voiced by Nia Long.


She was only the one in house and talking to her boyfriend, Federline and soon meet Zalder who trespass the house and this made her fall madly in love with Zalder and dumped Federline. She was captured by Enigma and trapped her in the sphere to power the Serpenterra. once she was rescued  by Zalder from Enigma, she passionately kissed Zalder.

Roberta was excited to go the Stoolbend Prom and want Zalder to come. when Zalder came to the prom, she was happy and dance together.

Phyiscal AppearanceEdit

She has black hair with yellow streak. She wore a green tube shirt, blue jean and sneaker.

In her prom, She wore blue open shoulder shirt, dress and brown shoe.


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)
  • Valentine Clone (only in Zalder's first Prom)


  • She did love Federline, but she constantly dumped him for most reason.
  • Her parents doesn't Federline while they like Zalder to be part of the family.
  • She was voiced by Nia Long, but she was replaced by Regan Gomez.
  • She dated Zalder knowing he really cared for her and a bad boy.