Rook Blonko.

Rook Blonko is Ben Tennyson's partner after Gwen Tennyson and Kelvin Levin went to College in Ben 10 Omniverse. He's a REvonnahgander from Revonnah. he has four sister and one brother back home. He is voiced by Bumper Robinson


He used to team up with ben Tennyson but he joined the Majestic Titans while Ben Tennyson joined the warrior of Light after the Silva Family Massacre.

Phyiscal AppearanceEdit

He is tal with periwinkle blue fur, red eyes. black and White marking on his face.HE wears a blue and black proto-tool armor.


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night
  • The Goblin's Quest
  • Biological Nightmare


  • Rook is similar to Starfire because of them are not familiar on earth with expression people made.
  • Rook has feline feature.