Teknocles is He was one of Cadmus' best scientists until the Team found out his true intentions that got him fired. Now he plots several plans of revenge on the Team and the world for his humiliation with the help of his science and magic at his disposal. He thinks of himself as a superior genius than anyone and finds the Team to be an annoyance to his goals. Some people call him a mad scientist/warlock because of his ability what he can do. He is voice by John Kassir


He was scientist who used to work for Abraham Erskine back in 1942. He later left the base with some formula he stole.

In 1990, He was a stoolbend and team up with Enigma for the moment, he soon met Zalder after scare Federline and fought the clone

Physical AppearanceEdit

He brown hair, black eyes and dark skin. He wear a dark red lab coat, blue shirt, green pants and black shoes. In his corpse form,  he has green skeleton, peeled skin and his hair fell off.


  • The Loner Clone (Debut)


  • His face resemble a demonic skeleton with an evil grin.