Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night is a horror storry written by Dragonprince18. it's a trilogy of Terrence series before the event of the Majestic Guardians . Terrence must learn an important life about having friends and need a team to help.




After the Silva Family Massacre, Sirius and Tsunade are the only survivors escape along with their only child, Terrence alive. so many years later, Terrence must learn he can't do save the world on his own and be alone all the time, He needs to have friends in his life while learning to become a hero as well as getting some help.


Thriller- Terrence, ghosts, Revived villains and Vincent van Ghoul (only for recite)


  • This is a tribute of not Just Michael JAckson, but Vincent PRice who did Thriller music Video.
  • This is the first hallowen story and prequel of the event of Majestic Guardians and Terrence and the S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The story is the prequel of the Majestic Guardians series.