Teruko is a kunoichi from the Hidden Mist Village. She's a tough and bad girl who rely on brute strength. she along with Miyako was asigned by Mei Terumi to follow Gekko. she wants to find strong opponent to fight and she will anyone like Ethan Tidwell, Naruto, Sasuke, Neiji and Kakashi Hatake. She shows a rival towards Miyako, Sakura Haruno and Daisy while a great partner of Gekko.She is voiced by Maia Mitchell.


She along with was brought to the Kage Summit with Mei Terumi to stay with Gekko as a team as well as a Majestic Guardians.

Physical AppearanceEdit

she wore a black head protector with the hidden mist village, blue daio dress, bandages on her ormes, light blue pants and sandals.


She's reckless, tough, bad tempered, defiant,  strong wiled and powerful.


  • She has a rivarly with Sakura and Daisy for a some reason. as for Miyako, she sometime get into a fight,