The Loner Clone is written by Dragonprince18. This feature one of the five clones in their adventure after being created by a mad scientist named Ssielk Nav.


  • Zalder (Debut)
  • Abraham Erskine (Dbut)
  • Roberta Tubbs (Debut)
  • Ethelyn (Debut)
  • Traisy (Debut)
  • Captain America (Debut, cameo)
  • Venisa (debut. cameo)
  • Terrangon (debut, cameo)
  • Cleveland Brown (debut, cameo)
  • Donna Tubbs (Debut, cameo)



Zalder, a clone made by Ssielk Nav has been traveling the world on his own to search on his life to find his purpose of using his powers. He soon discovered the Supersolider project still exist and start finding the formula to find some answer about it and prevent others from using the formula for their own purposes. Zalder went headed to stoolbend and soon meet a girl, Roberta Tubbs who find him a hot stuff. Zalder must find his purpose on his life.


  • Zalder is the first clone who was made in 1940's way before the other five clones and the Superclone came in.
  • This story is a bit like Captain America: The First Avengers. Abraham get assassinated only by a mysterious enemy
  • Abraham has made a bond with Zalder, even though they only made a few while before he was killed.