Tracy Romanov is the daughter of Anastasia and Dimitri and sister to Tricia and Anya. She was voiced by Victoria Justice.

History Edit

She joined the Majestic Guardians right after Terrence has defeated Vrak.

She, along with the Guardians to join a mission to find Terrence's family at HYDRA Island. She soon aided Terrence to Fight Prince Olympius and Red Skull.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has brown wavy hair, green eyes and wore a brown jacket, blue shirt, a locket, green jean and brown boots.

Trivia Edit

  • She was part another group called Mystery Case File.
  • she was voiced by Victorious justice who played Tori Vega in Victorious.
  • She one of few Mystery Case file join different the team in Majestic Guardians/Ultimate Defender/Warrior of Light Universe.
    • Tracy joined as a member of the Majestic Guardians.
    • Tricia joined as a member of Neo Crusaders.