Tzekel Kan.

Tzekel Kan is the High Priest of City of El Dorado and Main Antagonist of The Road to El Dorado. He wanted to manipulate Miguel and Tulio, who he and the citizens believed to be gods, so he can make human sacrifices, but he was fired by Miguel and soon discovered the so-called "gods" are actually mortal. He tried to get rid of Miguel and Tulio by bringing a giant jaguar statue to life, only to be kicked out of El Dorado. He soon meet Cortes thinking he's the true god and led him to the entrance to the city, only to discover that it was blocked off, and was carried away by Cortes' men with Cortes believed himself to be duped. Tzekel Kan was possibly taken to be executed or to be a slave. He is voiced by Armand Assante.


He escaped jail and seek revenge on Miguel and Tulio as well as Terrence for the defeat in Edenia and back at El Dorado, plotting to use them as human sacrifice. He came to the graveyard to find the Abyss of Evil and start opening the vortex by spreading his blood on the ground, reviving the villains back from the dead. 

In Revenge of Tzekel Kan, he captured Tulio, Miguel and Chel and planned to send them to the Abyss of Evil but he was foiled by the Guardians, joined by Aang. In the end, he was dragged by Morto into the Abyss along with the escaped villains. 


He's power-hungry, sadistic, bloodthirty and manipulative.  Although, he is also a religious man and a traditionalist as he is very dedicated to his gods and seeks to please them, as well as constantly suggesting human sacrifices, in keeping with to the old ways.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He's an Incan Man with black hair in wolf tail, He wore red clothes and sandals


  • Terrence: Halloween Thriller Night
  • Terrence 2: Majestic Guardians Unite (Mentioned)
  • Majestic Guardians Movie: Revenge of Tzekel Kan


  • He somehow returned after the events of the movie...that is...if the story were canon to the movie...which it is not due to being a fanfiction. But if one were to make an assumption, he probably escaped from Cortes' grasp. It is revealed in Revenge of Tzekel Kan that he found a way to make himself immortal in order to avoid death, but his effort to do the latter was all for naught since he was whisked away by Morto anyway.  
  • He could be compared to the Kralahome from The King and I. Like the one from the original musical, he seems to disapprove of the new ways. And like the animated version of the Kralahome, Tzekel Kan is capable of magic.