Wakanda Crisis is a majestic Titans story written by Dragonprince18. The Titans team up with King T'Challa to save Wakanda from Man-Ape and Klaw. it's also a parody of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode Panther's Quest. coming soon in November.



  • Man-Ape (Debut; Main Antagonist)
  • Klaw (Debut; Secondary Antagonist)
  • Nexev
  • Ssielk Nav


Wakanda has been taken over by M'Baku, Man-ape after T'Chaka have been Defeat as well being killed. So now the Black Panther enlist the Majestic Titans' help to retake Wakanda and prevent them from using Vibranium.


  • The story is based on the Episode, Panther's Quest
  • This scene shows where NExev will make his reappearance after The Lone Clone while Ssielk Nav will appeared in cameo.
  • This reveal Jermaine was inspired the Black PAnther and Wakanda culture.