Zalder by dragonprince18-d65re1i
Some attributes
First First Appearance: The Loner Clone
Second Gender: Male
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fifth Weapon: Soul Eater
Sixth Voice Actor: Tim Phillip

Zalder is He's one of the four clone that escape. he's has the dna of Riku, Nero, Captain America, Nightcrawler and Bushido. He love to ride alone with his motorcycle. Some people think he's a criminal, but Roberta Tubbs like him and her parents like him also other than her old boyfriend. He once had Abraham Erskine as father figure, but he was killed. He does not only has hatred on Ssielk Nav, but Federline and LeVar Brown. He is voiced by Tim Phillip.


He was created back in 1943 during World War II. during his stay he spend training and soon meet Enigma, but the base exploded only he survived while other didn't. in 1990, he started travelling alone and he discovered the supersolider formula is alive somewhere in Stoolbend. He enter the house search the supersolider only to meet Roberta Tubbs. He then leave after a nice talk and face Teknocles where he got Federline get into his fear gas and fought. He then meet Enigma once more and kidnapped Roberta to force him to give supersolider serum to his former friend and save his girl from the dock. He was rescued by Traisy and Ethelyn and helped to save Roberta from Enigma and his machine of mass Destruction, Serpentera. He fought and defeat Enigma while Robera as he kissed her on the lips.


He's a bad boy, rebellion, sadist, strong willed, solemn, Loyal, tough. even he's a bad boy, he has soft spot for Abraham Erskine, Roberta Tubbs and her family.

Phyiscal AppearanceEdit

He's 19 years old with light pale skin, dirty blonde hair, yellow eyes. He wore green tanktop shirt, goggle over his head, light brown gloves, purple pants and blue shoe.


  • He was a clone with dna and abilites of other people.
  • He wield a keyblade like Riku, and has Riku's old keyblade as his main weapon.
  • He has Captain America's Strength, Endurance and
  • He has Aqualad's abilites with hydrokinese, electrokinetic and underwater adaptaion
  • He has Nightcrawler's power of Teleportation.